Hello and Welcome! My name is Ashleigh Sellman and I am so glad you are here. For two decades I have been working with, supporting, and empowering clients of all ages and genders to become more aware and comfortable in their bodies. Through learning and practicing how to feed ourselves, move our bodies and become more at home in ourselves I have been part of the journey of countless clients as they learn to feel more at home in themselves. If you are struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating, regardless of how long, I can help. If you are confused about your relationship with food I can support you to find a more peaceful and intuitive way to care for yourself. If you think and experience your body as a negative or unsafe place to be, I can help guide you into a safer and more accepting experience in yourself. If you have been chronically dieting for any length of time and have decided that you are ready for peace, then I can help you find another way. If you are a parent I can provide support to your child and guidance for the family.



 Please contact me to explore what the options would be to support you or anyone in your family to find peace with food and the body.

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Contact me today if you’re ready to start working towards the life you want. Together, we can get you there.

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I would recommend Ashleigh to everyone and anyone.  She is truly the BEST.  It is one of the wisest investments I have made.  Through working with Ashleigh, I feel as though I am constantly moving forward in this work.

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