Ashleigh is truly incredible. She empowered me to empower myself, and I am now free from a decades-long obsession. Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to her. The individual treatment Ashleigh provided literally saved my life. When we first met, I had distorted and irrational thoughts, as well as unhealthy beliefs and behaviors. Despite all of that, I felt her genuine compassion instantaneously. With Ashleigh’s constant perseverance and support, I’ve finally found myself. She approaches each client as an individual, and her care is all-encompassing. Ashleigh is, by far, the most dedicated professional I have ever encountered. -client

Ashleigh has given me the confidence, trust and patience I needed to change my life and to ultimately find myself. She not only helped me transform my relationship with food, she helped me grow as a whole human. I am amazed by her ability to listen compassionately and understand me in ways that others couldn’t. She is intuitive, trustworthy, very intelligent and sensitive. I have been able to change my relationship with food to one that feels freeing, healthy and beneficial. I am now able to listen to my inner wisdom and trust my body. The work we do is not solely focused on my relationship with food but rather developing a stronger relationship with myself. Although the journey has been difficult and scary, I never knew it was possible to feel the way I do now around food. I am incredibly thankful for the guidance and support of Ashleigh. -client

Ashleigh holds a sacred space for her clients to show up as they are, with the goal to help them discover who they are by meeting them where they are. She then gently and knowledgeably guides her clients toward whole-self-healing, by helping them mend and rebuild their relationship with embodiment, food/eating, and movement. Her approach and expertise is refreshing, relevant, and exactly what is needed in recovery from eating and body image issues. – Collaborating ED Therapist Carly L. Mount, Psy.D; Director of Clinical Operations at White Oak Counseling.

I have had a number of dietitians throughout my recovery process, and I can firmly say that Ashleigh is the best one I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have been working with Ashleigh for a few months now, and I have grown more than I ever could have expected in such a short time.

Ashleigh has a unique capability of approaching her clients with a seemingly endless well of compassion. If you are in a dark space, she knows how to sit with you and support you through it. If you are feeling good, she knows how to help you savor that and challenge yourself to keep on pushing. She collaborates with you and meets you where you are at. She doesn’t tell you what to do, she helps you figure out what you truly want to do and how to get there. She has made me feel supported, special, capable, and cared-for. Recovery is so, so hard, and Ashleigh is there with me every step of the way.

Ashleigh has an extensive breadth of knowledge about food and the body. I learn so much from her every session, and I often find myself floored by the insights she shares with me. She also clearly practices what she preaches. She is an incredibly intuitive being, and she genuinely embodies what a life without an eating disorder or disordered eating can look and feel like. I cannot recommend her services more highly. She has made me a better person in so many ways, and I feel so grateful to continue working with her. No matter where you are at in your journey, I can absolutely say that you will benefit massively from working with her. – client





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