Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a very common diagnosis in women and one that can lead to a lot of eating issues and body image difficulties.   PCOS has many possible signs and symptoms and can begin presenting at very young ages. Often missed or under-diagnosed, many women struggle for years to understand why their body just “doesn’t seem to cooperate with me” !  Many women often feel that they need to diet, restrict their food intake and/or overly exercise to try to manage their weight.  Cosmetic symptoms such as acne and male pattern hair growth on the face for instance are often common as well as metabolic issues with insulin and insulin resistance being the norm.  Many women have irregular or absent periods, or very painful periods while some women have normal cycles.  The presentation for each woman is different.  What is common for my clients is that they often have developed disordered relationships with food, movement and their body image and are at a loss about how to take care of themselves.  I also find that many of my binge eating or bulimic clients  have an underlying diagnosis of  PCOS and sometimes didn’t even know it.  Whether you have had PCOS for years and want to know more about what to do about it or you were just diagnosed I would encourage you to seek support from someone like myself who has years of experience in all of these areas.


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